Creative Inspiration – My Favorite Author

Alright folks it’s time again to talk about sources of inspiration! This time I’m going to take things in a little bit different direction.


(not that direction)

Instead of looking at my favorite movie I’m going to turn to books and talk about my favorite author. There are many authors I love which I’m sure I’ll talk about later, but there is one far above the rest. This is a man who has everything a good writer should have including the optional but ever amazing EPIC BEARD!!!



This is Patrick Rothfuss. If you’ve never heard of this magnificent bastard sit your ass down and listen! Rothfuss is the author of two novels so far in a trilogy with a third on the way. The first book, The Name of the Wind, and the second, Wise Man’s Fear, are absolutely outstanding works of fantasy. These fantasy books center around a man named Kvothe as he tells the story of how he learned magic and worked to hunt down a group of malevolent figures from legends that murdered his family.

Rothfuss’ writing is something I’ll never tire of reading and will continue to recommend to anyone who will give me a minute of their time (kind of like the crazy guy who smells like pee in a subway station). Beyond the fact that he does a fantastic job of world building and developing a magic system that works, his writing brings an air of authenticity that hits you with hurricane strength winds. What I mean by this is that these are not just a books about a man who learns magic and fights with a sword, these are books about a man struggling with grief and loss of his family, burning desire for vengeance, and a woman who causes a love in him so profound that Rothfuss’ take on the feeling rival any writings that are taught in literary courses today. If you can’t find a way to connect with the emotions and people in these books, then you either have led a horrible life or hang out with this guy on the weekends.


(just make sure you don’t have better business cards)

One of my personal goals as a writer is to someday match Rothfuss’ level of skill with the craft of writing, but until then I’ll settle with pointing people his way. So if you’re interested in reading his books you’re in luck! This year actually marks the 10th anniversary of the first book’s release and RIGHT NOW there is a fundraiser going on where you can pre-order a SIGNED copy of the upcoming anniversary edition of, The Name of the Wind, and have the money go to charity!

See, Patrick Rothfuss not only is a great writer, but he has set up a charity called Worldbuilders which does two annual fundraisers to get money for an organization called Heifer International. This organization uses donated money to give reusable and sustainable change to people in need along with the tools and education to keep the good will going, (you know, the whole teach-a-man-to-fish kind of thing). An example of this is the organization giving a goat to a family in a developing nation and then teach and give them the tools to not only care for it, but how to get milk and cheese from the goat and how to care for it when its pregnant and what to do with the kid. They can even sell the extra to make more money to improve their lives. Patrick loves this kind of charity work that helps people build permanent change in their lives and not just feed them for a day.


(that goat is SO star struck right now)

So right now one of these charity events is going on called Geeks Doing Good and the money goes directly to Heifer International. You can get there from this link . Go on there and pre-order a copy of a book that changed my life. Or buy some of the other really cool stuff for sale right now. OR just donate to help a family in need somewhere in the world never need charity again. I donate what I can twice a year to these charities, even during the years money has been a bit tight.

If you’re thinking to yourself right now, “Hey! When the hell did this blog post about Spencer’s favorite author turn into a pitch for me to donate money to charity?” The answer is this, you don’t have to! I just think this is something cool to hear about and a way to pick up a signed copy of a special edition of an amazing book written by an amazing author who I hope you’ll at least risk the late fee by borrowing his books from the library.

Now go forth and be awesome and inspired!


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