Reader’s Choice: Flash Fiction Challenge!

(Kicks in door!)

Welcome readers! I have a very special treat for you this week! As you may have guessed it’s time for all of you to play an active role in this blog. You! Yes you reading this right now while wondering how long you can hide in the bathroom before someone drags you back to responsibility, will get to choose something I write!


(Your face)

We’re going to be doing what is called a flash fiction challenge. For those of you who don’t know, a flash fiction challenge has nothing to do with exposing myself to fictional characters, it’s all about writing a short story based on a random prompt in a short period of time.

So here’s what we’re going to do. At the bottom of this post is a LONG list of various…things I think would be the best way to describe it. In either the comments here on the blog’s Facebook page tell me what you’d like to see me write about in a story that is 1,000 to 2,000 words long.


  1. You can only post ONE mashup!
  2. You can only choose TWO things you want me to write about. Example, you can choose ninjas and pirates, but you can’t choose ninjas, pirates, and Jabba the Hut.
  3. You can not combine the choices. This means monkeys and dinosaurs as a choice is ok, but not time traveling monkey vampires and dinosaur ghost librarians. (I’m not saying that wouldn’t be awesome, but it does put a lot of limitations on ideas for me and I don’t have that many words to work with.)
  4. If you have an idea for something that isn’t on this list that you want me to consider writing about you can, BUT (and I mean a but so big even Sir Mix-a-lot thinks it may be too much) please use caution if you want to do this. I don’t want things getting too out of hand with write ins. So please use your best judgement…oh God what did I just ask of the internet?
  5. You will have until 11:59pm central time on Wednesday June 29th to submit your vote for what you want me to write.
  6. I will pick the winner to write about based solely on what I think is cool, but if a lot of people want to see the same thing or if one idea seems very popular, then I may pick that one. (or not, who’s to say really?) If you think that’s unfair, I’m sorry to say I’ve already checked with the referee who decides what’s fair and he says it’s fair.referee-1544532_960_720
  7. (See? I checked!)
  8. I’ll announce the winner at the end of next week’s blog!
  9. The short story will be an original piece of fiction that I’ll write myself which only one week to do it.
  10. The short story will be posted here on the blog on July 7th.

Finally before we get to the list and you brains go into over drive, if this flash fiction challenge is something that you the readers enjoy and want to see more of let me know and we could make this a regular thing. And now without further delay…

The List!











Time Travelers



Rock Singers


Interdimensional Floating Jellyfish Creatures




Classical Musicians












Serial Killers


Any US President prior to 1990

Any Superheroes

Artificial Intelligence

Swamp Monsters




John McClane (Die Hard)

Any Star Wars Character

Hannibal Lector (Silence of the Lambs)


Any Friends Character

Any X-Men Character

Sherlock Holmes

Alice from Alice in Wonderland

The Demon from Paranormal Activity

Any Looney Tunes Characters

The Hunger Games

The Shining

Any Transformer


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