And the Winner is…

Alright readers! Today’s the big day! The day you find out what reader suggestion I follow for my flash fiction challenge! But before I reveal my choice (que annoyed grumbles), I want to talk about the progress I’ve been making with my book.

If you can think way back to my second blog post on May 1st (I know it feels like forever ago!), I talked about how at the time I was 1/8th of the way through my projected book length of 350 pages. As of this week I finally reached 1/4th the length I’m shooting for!


(Hell yeah!)

That’s right! In two months I’ve managed to double the length of my book. And you know what? I personally think it’s all because of you guys. In the past eleven weeks all of you have been very supportive and have helped keep me motived to continue writing even when I’m having days I just don’t feel like it. So if you’re reading this, then you’re the real MVP!

Now for the big show! After reading through your suggestions and thinking very hard about which one I like the best and can write about, the winner is…


(Drum roll please!)

Time Travel and Mermaids!

So for next week’s blog I’ll be posting a short story that’s 1-2 thousand words long about time travel and mermaids. This will be an original story and one I hope you’ll all enjoy. This will be the first actual fiction I post on here so if this is something you guys like or want to see more of let me know and we can make it happen’ captain!


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